Gro Away ft. Jimmy LoveSeat

from by Sail Ciph

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We grew away and I couldn't fix that. Everone grows up, I just had to learn to let go.


I ain't never been a bruiser
I was the stupid loser, poor broke
Sympathy abuser
No new bikes, old stuff like a
Three wheel Tonka colored cruiser
But at least I could scoop her*
I'll say about 13 years old, retired from the scooter
Electric Relaxation bumping made me feel cooler
So prolly 11 years, just know I went to a dance that year
Maybe bout a month from it, saw you wearing a T with pokemon on it
Thought it was cool so we started talking
Made plans to meet up again, you never fronted
Sat on the swings for hours, dropped you off some flowers
Made stories about us with superpowers
And talked about our dreams
You weren't just my summer fling
A summer love
I imagined doves circling when we gave hugs
Just stupid stuff, Its a shame but

When we meet again, we'll be apart
Cuz as we grow we grow apart
We gro away--
We gro- a-way--

You were my third girlfriend, well the first real one
Said you liked the real ones, real potential
Said you could feel them
Feel it when I'm lying
I'll love you when you're crying
Understand how hard you trying
Said you didn't mind, holding me down
From where I'm flying to
Said I'm good, smart, and loyal could rely on you
Basically perfect kind of dude
Not the type to buy into
The hype of my boys, saying fuck a wife
I can't say I didn't try,
Still it snuck into my mind
Couldn't control my life from about 5 by 2-5 miles away
Yeah, cuz of that 125 I went astray
And I still regret it even to this day
Cuz hearts aren't built like toys to play
Even if they were I broke that game
I even forgot your name and how you sound
That's why I say you now

And when we met again, we were far apart
I knew your face, but forgot your heart
We grew away--, we grew- a-way--


from Lov (EP), released August 1, 2016
Produced by dasmartguy
Written by Antwan Floyd
Vocals by Sail Ciph
Addt'l Vocals by Jimmy LoveSeat




Sail Ciph Indianapolis, Indiana

I am a rapper.

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